CCW Class

Harsh Firearms offers Courses for Concealed Carry Weapons Permits for the State of Oklahoma. Course fee is $75. This coverers 1 person for 8 hour course. Plan to be with us for 9 hours as the course requires 8 hours of classroom time with a 1 hour break.

Please visit our calendar for a list of upcoming course dates.

Items to bring with you on the day of your class:

  1. Pistol of choice (Not to exceed .45)
  2. 50 rounds of ammo for you pistol
  3. Appropriate range attire including jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes and ballcap.
  4. Notebook & pen
  5. Eye & ear protection (If you do not have your own, protection can be provided for you – please notify us in advance)

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CCW Class

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